Promos BSW 2013

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Promos BSW 2013

Postby mr_diaz » Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:31 pm


Quem estiver interessado em adquirir as Promos BSW do campeonato deste ano, favor entrar em contato pelo e-mail
Seguem abaixo os preços e descrições de cada carta:

Promo 21
Schubert's Convention
Thief Skill
Promo BSW
Usable only by a thief during the opponent's turn and if there are 2+ thieves in this player's pool. This player steals one phase from the opponent's turn (except phase 1) and plays it immediately. The affected player must skip the stolen phase. If sucessfully (sic) played, this card and its user are sent to the Abyss. (Off/0)
VALOR: 25,00

Promo 22
Sotsab, Master of Artifacts
Promo BSW
When Sotsab is played, he can copy the special powers of any artifact in play. The power remains until Sotsab is discarded.
VALOR R$ 15,00

Promo 23
Spartan Weapons
Forgotten Realms
The presence of the Spartan Weapons make all cards activate their powers only during phase 4. To deserve these weapons, its player must attack every turn (if possible), or (sic) will have to discard this card. No card has immunity against the Spartan Weapons
VALOR R$ 15,00

VALOR PROMOCIONAL PELAS 3 PROMOS R$ 50,00 (válido até 31/12/2013)
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