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Re: Rhuobhe

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:56 pm
by Rikus
Literate wrote:Mais uma vez temos textos conflitantes entre o SFRG e a 5.0. Seguem os dois na integra:

Rhuobhe Manslayer is a regent champion, and can use blood ability cards as part of his champion type's special powers. Regents are unique to the BIRTHRIGHT setting, and cannot be found on any other world.
This regent has a variety of special powers that make it an excellent attacking champion. Khuobhe's special powers allow him to imitate the special powers of a champion in another pool. This does not include the champion facing him in battle. This power can only be used when attacking, and the owning player can only choose one special power to imitate for that battle — which is lost at the conclusion of combat. Rhuobhe also gains 4 levels against non- monster champion, effectively making him a level 12 champion in most battles. Since Targoth has no immunities, cards such as Wintering (47/BR) and the Orb of Power (31073rd) make excellentattachments.

Rhuobhe's power is triggered as soon as he comes forward to attack.
 However, the power copied is subject to normal rules for the power. If it is a
power only used in battle, Rhuobhe cannot use the power until a defender is
 chosen. Once the battle is over, Rhuobhe loses the imitated power.

No final, você decide!

Brincadeiras a parte. A definição do "when attacking" pode resolver isso, validando o texto da 5.0.


Esta 5.0 zoa demais o barraco mano...

Re: Rhuobhe

PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 3:29 pm
by Lucius
Já usei este campeão inúmeras vezes no deck e sempre me pareceu muito claro que a escolha do poder se dá quando o defensor é apresentado, seguindo a ordem de ativação de poderes na batalha.