The Last Sea.... Tá aí Vitor!

Somente dúvidas e exclarecimentos baseados em regra (ou o mais proximo disso) sobre cartas de Reinos

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The Last Sea.... Tá aí Vitor!

Postby TonyDeath » Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:46 pm


The Last Sea

The Last Sea can be razed to act as a modified spell turning spell, redirecting any offensive spell to a target of this player's choice.

Hence the name "Sea" this card should be bluelined as Coast, IMO (Sascha).

This Dark Sun realm is a must for any deck that is going to confront opponents with spellcasting abilities. When this realm is in play, the owner can choose to raze the realm voluntarily in order to turn any just-cast offensive spell. This can be done at any time, and the spell affected can be re-directed to any target as if this player had cast the original spell. The spell affected does not even have to have been cast on the owner of the Last Sea. This modified spell turning spell can be dispelled, and if it is, the realm remains razed. This power can even be used if the realm is the target of the original spell. For example, if the Last Sea is targeted by a Disintegrate (393/2nd), the Last Sea can be razed to re-direct this spell before it takes effect. When this power is used, anyone with a card like Mulmaster (73/4th) does not get to draw a card, because the Last Sea is not a spell card itself.
The Last Sea is a large body of water in the mostly arid land of Athas. Many kinds of aquatic wildlife can be found here, that cannot be found anywhere else on this vast world.
The Last Sea's power is treated as a Re-target spell. The new target of the redirected spell must be a legal target for that spell. For example, if Disintegrate is redirected, the new target must be a realm.
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