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Postby Lucius » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:46 am

Dark Lords 33/100 Ar
Played at the beginning of the player's turn, this card is not discarded. It affects all players and remains in effect until any other rule card is played. If any Ravenloft champion or undead champion of any world is defeated in battle, that champion returns to the player's pool at the end of that player's next turn.

Considera-se que esse campeão foi para o limbo e volta no final do próximo turno do jogador? Pergunto pois a carta não diz que vai pro limbo.
O mesmo se aplica ao Stradh von Zarovich?
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Re: DARK LORDS 33/100 AR

Postby LUCAL » Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:35 am

no guide 2 diz que vai para o l.imbo

This rule card prevents
a player's RAVENLOFT or
undead champions (of any
world) from being discarded
as a result of combat.
After being defeated
in battle, a RAVI-NI.OFT or
undead champion is
placed in Limbo, returning
to the player's pool at
the end of their next turn.
All magical items, artifacts,
spells, and allies
with the champion do not
go to Limbo, but are
instead discarded because
the champion was defeated.
This rule card works
well in a deck containing
either many RAVGNLOFT or
undead champions.
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